Educational background

I have an educational background as a Media Graphics Designer, Multimedia Designer and Digital Concept Developer, as well as being well taught in many other disciplines ranging from practical areas to abstract and very complex areas. I have very strong technical and logical skills and am what could by some described as a polymath or multipotentialite.

Fields of work

I have been immersing myself into the fields of creative, digital and strategic business areas combined with engineering, technical and natural scientific topics, and am specializing in combining the fields of knowledge for complex problem solving and creating new innovative solutions.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

I have a great passion for new tech, innovation and technological progress, and am part of the Maker / Citizen Science community. I have been touching upon fields of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality; Smart Growing/Vertical Farming; Drones (UAVs and ROVs) and robotics; Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; IoT and Smart Cities.

I also have a great passion for history, archaeology, architecture, photography, astronomy and the wild nature, and find great inspiration from those sources.

I am always willing to meet and talk with people who might have a good idea to see if it could bring something new.