UX Design and Research

I perform UX Design and Research for businesses of various sizes and industries:
regular websites, e-commerce platforms, applications, industrial appliances and more.

My approach for developing digital products and applications is to do it by co-creation and leading the client on an unforgettable journey. 

My aim is to create a memorable experience for my clients during the journey of reaching the desired destination.

Before the journey itself there will always be a mission briefing / meeting where the budget, duration, wishes and needs are discussed. 

What tools and items we bring along on the journey in my rucksack depends on the expedition itself. It will be based on what we might expect to run into on the way, and if its a walk in the park or full scale expedition to the highest peak.

The length of the journey can be from anywhere between 22 hours to 42 days, 80 days or even the orbit time for Neptune, and the scale of the journey itself can be anywhere between a few nanometers, 20.000 leagues and 1 parsec.

Tools and Methods

I perform tasks within all phases of UX Design and Research; from understanding the problem through the research and analysis phase, to the ideation / design, test and launch phases.

Which methods, frameworks and tools that are relevant for you, depends on your specific needs and the workflow will be tailored for that.

Wireframes and prototypes

I am educated in the arts of creating both Mockups, Layouts, Diagrams, Flowcharts, Low-Fidelity and High-Fidelity Wireframes both in hand and using software, as well as Working Prototypes for User Testing, Implementation and Launch.

I will perform multiple iterations depending on the results and am offering continuous development.